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Virgin Media testing 200Mb broadband for potential new package rollout

Virgin Media is secretly conducting tests on broadband speeds of up to 200Mbps, according to reports, which may mean a possible rollout of new packages.

It has been revealed that the tests were conducted in Oxfordshire earlier this month, which showed a download speed of 198.53Mb, higher than the location's 152Mbps average speed.

The most recent broadband speed upgrade of Virgin Media was in May 2014 at 150Mb.
It is believed that the connection tests have been done through select Virgin Media staff and some customers that are bound to non-disclosure agreements.

A Virgin Media spokesperson admitted that the company tests new speeds occasionally, but refused to acknowledge if this meant new deals to be rolled out soon.

The company also said that any client experiencing spikes in connection can be quickly returned to regular speeds after check durations.

Speed test site stated that some of the company's recent tests suggested its readiness for a faster rollout. "What no one will know until the official Virgin Media announcement is how fast [it] plans to rollout the upgrades across its network," editor Andrew Ferguson said.

"These new speed tiers at 100Mbps, 200Mbps and 300Mbps are a bigger leap, so the pace of rollout may be slower to avoid congestion issues.”