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Whitepaper: 10 reasons for Sage ERP X3 from the CFO’s point of view

Sage ERP X3 is a global ERP solution for mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large groups with international demands. For over 10 years Sage ERP X3 has been a proven and comprehensive ERP solution addressing mid-market companies’ specific requirements and challenges in industries from manufacturing and services, to distribution and many more.

1. The CFO is a true partner of general management

The job of the CFO is to guarantee the flow and accuracy of financial information. You work in a pressure cooker environment. The finance function serves as an interface to all company divisions. Sage ERP X3 connects all divisions of the company (finance, production, sales and purchasing, CRM, stock) and therefore provides the basis for excellent and comprehensive financial reporting. Sage ERP X3 also provides you with all necessary finance functions, such as accounts payable/receivable, cost management, asset accounting etc. Sage ERP X3 contributes managing a company’s performance.

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