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Whitepaper: Five quick wins to help CIOs drive growth

In 2012 fewer than one in five chief information officers (CIOs) had a seat at the top table and only 43 per cent were involved in executive decision making, according to a report by Ernst and Young. Fast forward two years and the landscape is changing.

Forty per cent of CIOs now have final decision-making authority when it comes to spending on emerging technology, ‘The Strategic CIO’ study from the Economist Intelligence Unit found, with just 19 per cent of chief executive officers (CEOs) keeping this power for themselves. What’s more, with 46 per cent of CIOs in large companies reporting to chief financial officers (CFO), Deloitte claims that “supporting growth-focused business objectives may be a strategic and professional imperative”.

However, in a LinkedIn post, Ade McCormack, digital strategist, Financial Times and CIO columnist for the Chief Information Officer Network, questioned if professionals realise that the boardroom should be the next step in their career path. What’s more, Gartner found that half of CIOs participating in its ‘Taming the Digital Dragon: The 2014 CIO Agenda’ study feel that technological change is happening too quickly for them to keep up.

The challenge for the modern CIO is to understand their strategic role, position themselves accordingly and find ways to add value and drive growth. Professionals need a way to adapt swiftly and take their place at the top table, all while managing their traditional pain points, if they want to be successful. To this end, Sage has identified five quick wins that can help professionals live up to the expectations.

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