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Apple iPhone 7 rumour: Next-gen smartphone to be strongest ever

Apple's next generation of smartphones will carry a stronger and lighter 7000 series aluminum body, the same material the company used with its Apple Watch Sports, a new report has claimed.

The Economic News Daily in Taiwan revealed that the new material, which came out of Apple’s metal alloy mixes and is the same material used for competition bikes, will be 60 per cent stronger than its predecessors.

The report said that the strong mix of the material for the next-generation iPhone - expected to be dubbed as the iPhone 6S or 7 - will have only one-third of the density of steel, making it lighter.

The 7000 series will also make the new device scratch-resistant. It is presumed that the smartphone will also be infused with zirconia beads, which brings the Apple Watch Sports to a smooth and uniform satin finish.

Apart from the tougher make of the new device, it is expected that the look of the upcoming device won't change. However, this is expected to be compensated with Apple's new features such as the Force Touch and a dual-camera which will provide a dSLR-like quality.

The upcoming iPhone is also reported to have the Apple A9 processor, which is rumored to be delivered by Samsung, and 2 GB RAM, which is twice that of its predecessor.