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ARM bolsters IoT offerings with two acquisitions

ARM has strengthened its Internet of Things portfolio with the acquisition of a pair of new companies.

The new acquisitions in question are Wicentric and Sunrise Micro Devices, and the terms of the agreements of both moves have not been made public. The intellectual property of both firms will be integrated into ARM’s Cordio portfolio, the company notes, which is focused on the IoT arena.

ARM states: “With the ARM Cordio family of radio IP, semiconductor companies have access to cutting-edge, sub-volt radio solutions and can effectively keep up with evolving standards and processes in a cost-effective, risk-free manner.”

Wicentric is a provider of Bluetooth Smart software solutions. ARM notes that the firm’s product line “includes Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles for creating interoperable smart products and the link layer for silicon integration”.

Sunrise Micro Devices (SMD) is a provider of radio IP solutions, with SMD radios operating at less than a volt, allowing them to run for a long time on batteries or other energy sources such as solar.

ARM also snapped up a Dutch IoT security firm, Offspark, back in February, an outfit which developed PolarSSL tech used in an array of devices including not just sensor and communication modules, but also smartphones.

ARM is certainly very serious about staking out its IoT turf, that’s for sure.