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How Dropbox motivates its 1,200 employees

Dropbox is a huge company that just keeps on growing. In just a year it has gone from 500 employees to a total of 1,200. The platform is currently being used by more than 300 million people worldwide, and if that wasn't enough information, you might also want to know that the company is valued at $10 billion (£6.6 billion).

All of this was achieved in less than eight years.

But with such a huge, fast-growing company, how does the management keep an eye out on all of its employees? What they're doing, how they're doing, is their work focused on the common goal?

Dennis Woodside, Dropbox’s COO, shared some of the secrets at the Goal Summit, an event hosted by the performance tracking software BetterWorks, and Business Insider listed some of the takeaways:

Frequent goal reviews: Dropbox's engineering teams work in such a fashion that they have six weeks to complete any given project. “There’s a lot that goes into planning when you’re working that fast,” he said.

Team-first attitude: Woodside pointed out the current job market is the “most competitive in the world,” as Dropbox has to compete with big companies like Google and Facebook or other emerging start-ups for talented engineers. But still, there are two things crucial to potential hires: a team-oriented mindset, and a detailed answer to what role you played in a specific project.

70 per cent goal achievement rate: He doesn’t expect people to achieve 100 per cent of their goals, as he thinks that’s basically impossible. Everything above 70 per cent are usually stretch goals which are hard to achieve in the short term, and there’s also the 'stuff happens' part - where an unforeseen event happens and the goals have to be readjusted.

Sead Fadilpašić

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