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Google Search will prioritise sites that work well on mobile

Most of the online web is viewed on mobile nowadays, so it means a lot if a website is operable on a smartphone or tablet. Even though some websites owners may have been able to skirt the issue and maintain high result standing, Google is changing its algorithms to focus on sites that work well on all types of mobile devices.

The new algorithm will be put in place in the upcoming month, dropping some websites down on search ranking and boosting others up depending on load times, navigation and button placement and size.

These changes will only affect users on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, meaning websites that draw the majority of views from desktop will be unaffected from the change.

Most websites build on a pre-made theme like WordPress and Blogger sites will already have mobile support, hopefully. Sites that are built by an outsourced company or internally by the website owner may have issues though, especially if they don’t regularly update the website to comply with new mobile standards.

Even though mobile search is a large part of search on the whole, it is still a small area for ad revenue, as Google has shown in the past few years. Facebook is working on several ad-related tools for mobile only to counteract the lower amount of advert adoption on mobile.

Google offered tools for how to comply with its search algorithm two months ago, but for website owners with no development team, it may take a lot longer to implement these changes - for those people a drop in the search ranking is coming soon.