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LA schools demand refund over failed $670 million iPad project

Schools in Los Angeles are requesting compensation from the over $1.3 billion (670 million) iPad-based education project that has taken an unexpected downward turn.

The LA Unified School District (LAUSD) sent letters to Apple and its project partner Pearson, saying that they were "extremely dissatisfied" with the project handling, a report in the LA Times said.

The project, which began in 2013, targeted to provide an educational curriculum to about 650,000 students. However, it has faced problems when the lack of curriculum was revealed and students were found to be able to bypass the tablet's security systems.

"While Apple and Pearson promised a state-of-the-art technological solution they have yet to deliver it," stated in the letters.

Prior to sending the letters, the LA school district voiced their complaints and demanded that the suppliers improve their service.

The schools have now cut ties with the firms and lawyer representatives for the school district are also said to be considering legal action against the main suppliers.

Apple has so far kept quiet when asked for comment about the complaints, while Pearson has acknowledged the "challenges" in implementation but said that it is standing by the quality provided.

The LA school district initially bought 43,261 iPads loaded with Math and English programmes, which were designed by Pearson. In addition, another 77,000 iPads were bought to be used in standardised tests.