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LG G4 will have Snapdragon 808 on board?

What processor will the LG G4 actually run when it emerges at the end of this month? The latest rumour points to the Snapdragon 808 being the chip of choice for the flagship, and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, either.

We’ve been hearing about the Snapdragon 810 suffering from overheating issues for quite some time now (which was why the Galaxy S6 gave it a swerve), and it would appear that LG has thought better of employing the 810, and has gone for the 808 instead.

This is according to a leaked pic spotted by G for Games, which shows the display of the phone depicting the Snapdragon 808 running at 1.44GHz with 6 cores, and the Adreno 418 GPU.

Although, of course, the image could be faked (or not the LG G4 at all), so this is very far from conclusive evidence. However, the fact that we’ve heard this several times now is starting to make us think there isn’t any smoke without fire here (smoke and fire being what the G4 is seeking to avoid, naturally enough).

LG has been making a big song and dance about the G4’s camera of late, which improves upon the already well received G3, and offers much better low-light performance by all accounts.

But given the storming start the Galaxy S6 has appeared to get off to, the G4 has its work cut out in the Android arena.

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