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Owner of lost iPhone gets pranked by Australian police

The Australian police force showed that there’s plenty of time for humour, even when tackling crime, by playing jokes on an iPhone user who lost their handset.

Officers from Albury, New South Wales, decided to prank the owner of the handset, Bella Crooke, by posting a selfie to Facebook alongside a recommendation to “put a password on your phone.”

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The Albury police force continued the good humoured fun by subjecting Crooke to some top quality puns.

"If you’re worried about the battery going flat, don't. By the time you pick it up it will be fully 'charged'," they wrote. They also added, "It is a great 'cell' phone," alongside an image of the iPhone locked up behind bars.

The officers even sent a number of texts to Ms Crooke’s friends, letting them know the location of the phone. The handset’s owner had been at a party the night before, where she misplaced her phone. It was later handed in to the police station by a security guard.

"The phone is still here. Ready to be released early for good behaviour. Just waiting on Bella to post bail," the police added, with Ms Crooke unable to get to the police station until 1pm that afternoon. When she arrived she was unaware of the police’s social media shenanigans.

Albury Police Inspector Anthony Moodie praised the work of his staff and the inventive methods used to track down the phone’s owner.

“There is no issue about accessing the phone, using it for legitimate purpose to track down the owner,” he said. “Phone users should use the locking mechanisms on their phone so if someone should get a hold of it, they can’t gain access to their private lives.”

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Ms Crooke is unlikely to look at the police the same way again, and with a name like hers it’s probably best she avoids them altogether.