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Whitepaper: ERP - a strategic growth driver for manufacturing firms

Manufacturing firms are in a state of constant change in their effort to keep pace with the ever-developing face of the business environment, such as the increasingly globalised marketplace, growing competitive pressure and changing business practices. These are just some of the factors prompting companies to review their business strategy and lead organisational change. Changes are therefore required at every level, whether in terms of the range of products and services on offer, the organisational structure and business processes, or the IT infrastructure. At the same time, the use of new technologies is spreading like wildfire and ushering in a wealth of prospects for ramping up business growth and creating value for clients and customers alike.

ERP, the very backbone of the information system, also needs to evolve in a bid to factor in the company’s structural changes and new challenges. In addition to satisfying companies’ traditional needs, ERP system also needs to fuel their development by fostering superior performance and innovation.

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