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Whitepaper: Success on an international scale - What an ERP system can offer

Globalisation is not just something that concerns large corporate groups. Mid-sized companies also benefit from the opportunities that arise from international business. However, they must contend with global competition at the same time. This is a real challenge in times of huge pressure on prices and fierce competition. The support of a suitable software solution increases long-term chances of success. The following guidelines give an overview of what is important in international business, and what mid-sized companies should consider when selecting international enterprise software designed for mid-sized businesses.

Internationalisation in mid-sized businesses

An important company objective for many mid-sized companies is to have an international presence.

It gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their high innovative capacity on an international scale and to exploit lucrative new sales or procurement markets abroad. Foreign markets also provide additional sources of sales for trading activities. Businesses may also opt for international expansion in order to exploit specialist knowledge and to gain access to qualified or cheaper personnel. The relocation of production sites also plays an, albeit smaller, role.

However, in addition to these attractive opportunities, dangers or stumbling blocks also lurk in international business. It is not surprising that numerous attempts at expansion fail each year because global business is fast, aggressive and complex.

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