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OnePlus to hold big event on Monday

OnePlus has shared an invitation to some kind of event via its Google+ account.

Presumably this is something of a major launch, although OnePlus doesn’t give away anything with the invite.

The invitation simply shows an envelope with OnePlus One written at the top, and the date of April 20 – which is Monday, as you’re likely aware – along with the simple text “You’re invited”.

The company wrote in the post: “From here on out, anything could happen.”

So what is likely to happen? Well the big juicy rumour flying around is that the sequel OnePlus Two phone will be revealed, or at least teased – though it may still be a bit early for that to happen. It could also be another handset, or possibly a new version of Oxygen OS, as Cool Smartphone (which spotted the invite) speculates.

Some of the commenters on the Google+ thread would certainly be happy for it to be a major Oxygen OS update, though one person challenged the company: “Convince me not to buy a G4 and to wait for a One Plus Two instead.”

LG’s G4 is also about to be revealed before the month is out.

Last month, OnePlus expanded its operations to 16 new countries across Europe including Ireland, allowing more folks to be able to get their hands on the popular OnePlus One handset.