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Microsoft to aim high with new incoming Lumia smartphones

We’ve only really seen low-end and mid-range models since Microsoft took over the Lumia brand, and the Nokia name was given the heave-ho from the range, but higher-end handsets are coming – and soon enough, or that’s the latest rumour from the mobile grapevine.

According to Nokia Power User (NPU), there are some more compelling mid-range options on the way, including a phone that has a 14 megapixel rear camera (a PureView affair), similar to the Lumia 830 but also with a peppier processor – it’s likely to weigh in with a screen size of 5in.

Another mid-range model will also pitch in at a phablet size, around 5.5in or slightly bigger, with similar specs to the above but a non-PureView camera.

Aside from these two, however, the really interesting news is a pair of higher-end Lumia phones running Windows 10 for Phones. One, which NPU’s source called the Lumia 940, will have a 5in screen, with a 940 XL model again stepping up to a phablet size with a 5.7in display. The rear camera is likely to be 24-25 megapixels, and it’ll doubtless be an impressive snapper – there’s also talk of an iris scanner for security.

It’s certainly about time Microsoft hustled out a new high-end Lumia, that’s for sure. The most recent launch in the UK, earlier this month, were the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL, which ran with 5in and 5.7in displays respectively, mirroring the above rumoured 940 / 940 XL.

The Lumia 640 (pictured) offered an 8 megapixel camera, and the 640 XL a 13 megapixel snapper – the XL also carried a bigger battery with a chunky 3000mAh affair compared to a 2500mAh juice pack on the standard Lumia 640.