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Whitepaper: What you need to know now for modern backup - Data protection buyer's guide for enterprise storage

Everyone agrees that data is the lifeblood of any business. Just think how tense you get when your laptop crashes and you realize you have not saved that critical document. Or put yourself in the shoes of your company’s sales teams when they suddenly find themselves unable to access information related to a deal in the pipeline at the end of the quarter because it is corrupted or went missing because of a database or server issue. Data protection is—and always will be—a constant concern.

However, it’s possible that your backup and recovery processes don’t jump to mind when you are evaluating the IT requirements to modernise your storage. The truth is, protecting a modern service-oriented and mobile-friendly application infrastructure with a fragmented and outdated approach to backup is like building a new house on a crumbling foundation.

IT Modernisation efforts, even modest ones, are only as successful as the storage infrastructure you have in place and only as dependable as your underlying backup and recovery systems. In addition to dealing with rapid data growth, you are likely dealing with one or more of these very common scenarios:

  • One VM-centric backup process
  • Separate application specific backup processes
  • A different approach to backup for each remote branch office
  • Yet another process for primary storage array-based protection
  • A non-compatible multi-faceted disaster recovery process

When viewed in aggregate, these often result in unsustainable complexity and excessive and growing operational expense.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.

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