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GoPro CEO storms ahead of Tim Cook and co. after multi-million payday

If you think Apple's CEO Tim Cook makes a lot of money, wait until you hear how much Nick Woodman makes.

What, you're not sure who Nick Woodman is? The name does ring a bell, though.

Nick Woodman is the CEO, alpha and omega of GoPro, the company making head-mounted cameras for extreme sports like surfing, boarding, skydiving, cavediving and all other divers.

Except for those diving into bed for naps five times a day, like yours truly.

Well, his company thinks so highly of him that it decided to award him with a $284.5 million (£190.59 million) package of restricted stock.

CNN says that makes Woodman the No. 1 American executive in the Bloomberg Pay Index, a daily ranking of executives based on their compensation.

He hasn't gotten all the stock yet, they are to be paid out monthly over the span of several years, according to filings.

The mega pay day is a reward for turning camera-maker GoPro into a consumer electronics giant that's now worth nearly $6 billion (£4 billion).

Restricted stock units, or RSUs, are a common form of compensation that employees can't sell until after they vest and certain other conditions are met. Unlike options, RSUs can be exercised at any price once they vest.

GoPro's stock has in recent months, but it is still up more than 85 per cent from its IPO price. This means that, if he would to exchange the stock for cash now, he would get around $200 million (£134m).

Who would have known Woodman would make a fortune out of someone recording his cat skateboarding with a tiny camera. Seriously.

Sead Fadilpašić

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