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Microsoft adds Apple Watch support to OneDrive

Microsoft has been quick on the ball when it comes to supporting other platforms, adding OneNote with an experimental keyboard to Android Wear a few weeks after the launch, and now OneDrive on Apple Watch before the device even launches.

It is part of the new Microsoft goals, to have services on all platforms to keep customers loyal. Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of mobile market share, meaning it needs to focus on iOS and Android in order to keep Office and other services relevant against competition.

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The new OneDrive application for the Apple Watch allows users to view albums, scim through photos, and delete photos. The digital crown allows users to zoom in on a photo, but access to OneDrive is limited due to the lack of user interface on the smartwatch.

OneDrive is also an odd first app, considering OneNote would be more useful on a smartwatch for notifications. Microsoft is bound to port more apps onto the Apple Watch, considering its early popularity selling over two million units before launch.

Microsoft ported Office to iOS and Android early last year, in an attempt to win over customers. It has since added unlimited OneDrive storage on top of an Office 365 subscription, adding a lot of additional benefits for regular customers.

This focus on iOS and Android has lead to some of the Windows Phone apps becoming rather redundant, begging the question why consumers would choose Microsoft’s own platform over Android and iOS with more apps.

Microsoft has confirmed that most of the mobile apps will be updated in the Windows 10 update, reportedly coming in late July.