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Jony Ive reveals new Apple Watch Sport bands in Milan

Apple is planning to launch some new Apple Watch Sport bands in the near future, after showing several new colours at Milan Design Week.

Several Apple executives including Jony Ive, Phil Schiller and Marc Newson were at the event to premier the new bands, despite the Apple Watch not being available in Italy. Philanthropist Umberta Gnutti Beretta was in attendance, getting photos of the watch bands - they were posted on Instagram shortly after.


The new bands include neutral skin tones alongside red, dark blue and yellow. Apple did not comment on when these new bands will be available, although we suspect they should be available soon alongside the wealth of sport bands options.

Jony Ive also said there will be more coming soon, hinting at more than just sport bands in the near future. The Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet and buckle are good starters, but it is clear Apple wants its bands store to be just as popular as the smartwatch itself.

Getting people interested in bands is simple: offer lots of customisation options. The current issue seems to be the price of some of the bands, forcing most consumers onto the black or white sport band, instead of the more expensive Link Bracelet or Milanese Loop.

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Early reports suggest Apple has sold over one million Apple Watch units, and is expected to sell over two million by the time orders go out at the end of the month. This would already surpass the Android Wear numbers, showing Apple’s brand prowess.

There were reports a few months before the launch of the Apple Watch, claiming a platinum, titanium and ceramic version of the Watch would come next year. That could be a major step towards future customisation, going beyond just bands.

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