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OnePlus One Lite to be launched later today?

As you might have seen at the weekend, we reported that OnePlus has a big event happening today, which it shared the invitation to via Google+.

The company said, “From here on out, anything could happen”, but certainly didn’t give anything away about what this event might be – we speculated it could be anything from the launch of the OnePlus Two phone to a new version of Oxygen OS.

However, a source “really close to the matter” told Droidpile that in actual fact, later on today OnePlus will be unveiling a OnePlus One Lite device alongside the OnePlus Two successor.

Despite the Lite moniker, you can expect the phone to have better specs than the current OnePlus One (pictured), and presumably it’ll offer a cheaper alternative to those who don’t want to go the OnePlus Two route. It’s also expected that it will be an invite-only handset, as was the case with its predecessor, but that could change in the near future.

At any rate, we won’t have long to find out – stay tuned to ITProPortal for further updates on whatever OnePlus has planned.

The OnePlus Two is expected to be a more premium handset, with a higher price tag, as we reported last month – it’s expected to up the build quality ante with a metal chassis, which never comes cheap, for starters. However, it’s still expected to pitch in cheaper than other high-end smartphones from the likes of Samsung…