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Apple lifts the lid on Apple Watch health functionality

After the huge buzz surrounding the Apple Watch in the past few weeks, it is just now - a few days before its release - that tech giant Apple has decided to release details about the wearable’s health functionalities.

The details have been shared through a new Apple support page, which explains how the wearable’s heart rate functionality works.

Apple said that the health function will record the intensity of a user’s workout by checking the heart rate, or the user’s heart beats per minute, every 10 minutes. Such data, which will be recorded by the iOS 8’s Health app or other third party apps, will aid the watch to measure the estimated calories a user has burned for his or her workout.

But in a rather complex explanation, Apple describes how it uses a technology called 'photoplethysmography' (bless you) which basically means an LED light flashes every time it reads your pulse.

The LED measures your pulse by detecting the amount of blood flowing through a user’s wrist at any given moment, which leads to a calculated heart rate. The LED is also said to increase in brightness if a user’s pulse signal is weak.

The Apple Watch is due for release this Friday (24 April) and, despite a rather botched pre-launch, reports suggest it will amass over 2 million pre-orders.