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Beyoncé spotted wearing Apple Watch Edition with nonexistent strap

Apple’s campaign to bring celebrities on board with the Apple Watch launch seems to be working, especially since it is handing out watch straps currently unavailable on the store, perking everyone’s interest.

Beyoncé is the newest celeb to grab a one-of-a-kind strap, the gold Link Bracelet. Currently, Apple only stocks a silver metal option for the strap, but the photo posted on Beyoncé’s website tells a different story.

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It looks to be another one of Apple’s premium straps for Apple Watch Edition customers. Karl Lagerfeld has also been spotted with the Watch Edition’s gold Link Bracelet, hinting that the option is available to celebs that want a first look before it is available to customers.

We expect the gold Link Bracelet costs quite a bit more than the £12,500 Apple is charging for the rose gold buckle option with Watch Edition. The 18-karat gold doesn’t come cheap, and having it take up all of the strap is bound to cost an extra few thousand.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like these celebs are paying for the Watch, considering most are taking photos with Apple execs and meeting with people like Jony Ive and Tim Cook, before being handed the limited edition Watch Edition units with clandestine straps.

In addition, almost all celebs with Apple Watch Edition units have made Instagram videos, hinting that this is in the clause of agreement, or a sign of goodwill to the folks for £12,500 of free goods.

The Apple Watch has already sold over two millions units according to most estimates and is Apple’s most profitable product. It will be interesting in the upcoming months, as issues with the user interface and battery life undoubtedly arise.

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