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How fashion takes advantage of the Internet of Things

LED lighted dresses might not be that big of a deal, especially after we got a chance to see the Tron movie, but the future of internet of things just might be in fashion. Or vice versa, I’m not entirely sure.

What I’m sure of is that the catwalk has been experimenting with Internet connected clothing that’s not measuring your vitals and is not helping you achieve some sports results. It is just there to look good, and from what we’ve seen so far, it sure will look good.

The Guardian got a chance to talk to Matt Drinkwater, a professor at the London College of Fashion and head of the Fashion Innovation Agency.

Drinkwater expects such fashion to become a much more regular sight on the catwalk during the international fashion weeks, as well as the red carpet at celebrity award shows, but much work needs to be done.

We’ve already seen dresses which change colour in response to various embedded sensors, as well as the “hug shirt” that connects over Bluetooth to let you send a hug to someone wearing the shirt far away.

But what’s really exciting is what fashion will have in the future. The more sensors out there, the crazier it will get.


“When we have a genuine sensor-led environment and our clothes can communicate with each other, with stores, with events, we will open up a world of possibilities that we have yet to explore or even understand what that could mean,” Drinkwater says. “Connected clothing will allow us to communicate in a completely new way ... the possibilities are incredibly exciting.”

Now I’m not entirely sure if I want my shirt to turn red when I see my crush on the street, but it does sounds interesting.

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Sead Fadilpašić

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