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Here's how much email spam could be costing your business each year

The true cost of managing unwanted email could be costing the UK’s army of medium-sized businesses more than £34,000 a year each.

According to an analysis of time spent on managing spam, phishing and other unwanted emails by Mailprotector, analysis of businesses with 150 employees over a 30 day period found that each employee receives 25 unwanted emails per day on average, which take around five seconds to open, glance at and delete, equating to almost one working day a year (6.94 hours).

Calculating employee costs, based on an average annual salary of £28,000, and factoring in support desk costs – based on the number and cost per support call – the losses can add up to a staggering £34,229.17 per year per company.

Scott Tyson, sales director EMEA at Mailprotector says: ”When you start looking at the number of unwanted emails we get every day, it really starts to add up. While it may seem like seconds to delete each one, we’re actually spending several hours a year.

"Once you then add in the cost of support calls, either to an internal help desk, or, for most medium-sized businesses via a third party IT supplier or services company, the costs really start to go up."

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