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LG G4 release date is confirmed by LG

Those of you keenly awaiting LG’s next flagship handset will be pleased to hear that the on sale date follows directly on the heels of the launch event – at least over in Korea, LG has confirmed.

LG is set to unveil the new G4 smartphone on April 28, a week today, and it will hit shelves on the following day, April 29, in Korea. That could also be the on sale date for the UK, but as Pocket Lint notes – the site which had the date confirmed by LG – that isn’t certain.

The international rollout could certainly have a delay imposed, but hopefully not much of one, if any.

LG G4 rumours have, of course, been bouncing around lately, and indeed we have also had an official teaser which shows that the camera on board the phone will have an aperture of F1.8, for much better low light performance than the G3 – with the latter already being an impressive snapper.

The slightly less exciting news is that LG may well have switched away from the Snapdragon 810 due to overheating issues (as happened with the Galaxy S6), and speculation contends that the company is using the Snapdragon 808 instead, running at 1.44GHz. Still, it’s unlikely LG would push out a flagship phone which doesn’t run slickly… or at least you’d hope.

Image Credit: Mirror