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Microsoft adds PowerPoint controls on Apple Watch

Microsoft announced OneDrive support on the Apple Watch earlier this week, and the software giant has added support for Powerpoint on the smartwatch today.

Apple Watch users will be able to control Powerpoint through the smartwatch, allowing quick access to moving slides, removing the awkward walk to the computer in order to move the slide or the pre-set timer that always is a bit off.

Smartwatches are a lot less likely to draw attention and once the user gets the hang of swiping the powerpoint, it should be simple to repeat. Microsoft will also show the number of slides on a presentation, alongside the elapsed time per slide.

Powerpoint will only work with the iPhone to start off, although we expect Microsoft will add support for Windows and Mac soon. Office Remote for Windows Phone and Android allows users to access the presentation through any computer.

Microsoft is showing a lot of love for the Apple Watch, more than it has for Android Wear, which still only features OneNote. Microsoft has not said if OneNote will arrive on the Apple Watch, although we suspect it will not be too long before it launches.

The old Microsoft may have laughed at the Apple Watch, as it did with the iPhone and iPad, but Satya Nadella is no Steve Ballmer and it is clear Microsoft wants to cooperate with Apple, not work against it.

Having these services work on all platforms should effectively keep them relevant in the mobile world, while Microsoft tries to make its own platform competitive once again.