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Microsoft preparing deluge of Windows patches for later today

Hold onto your hats, patch fans, because Microsoft has a bumper crop of patches headed your way later today – though these are optional patches, not important rated ones.

In fact, there are in excess of 30 patches coming through the pipeline to your Windows PC today, as spotted by InfoWorld.

The majority of these are aimed at Windows 8 users, though there are also some here for Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and indeed even a few for Windows RT in this batch.

Microsoft has made a big list of the patches, but thus far, hasn’t issued full details as to what these optional patches tackle – save for the fact that they generally “resolve issues in Windows” (surprise, surprise, on that score).

InfoWorld did get the skinny on what some of these do, however, and some are quite useful, or will be to some folks – such as a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and System Image Backup to a Blu-ray disc.

Those who have automatic Windows updates on might want to bear in mind that if they have recommended updates on the same settings as important ones, they could be in for quite an avalanche of downloads today. Be warned!