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OnePlus One now available with no invite necessary going forward

OnePlus has made a big announcement about its OnePlus One handset – namely that the device will be available with no invitation required to buy going forward.

The move comes a year after the OnePlus One was first launched – and in that time, the company has sold over a million of the cleverly marketed handset, partially because of the special system put in place for invites (and also because the phone was nicely priced given the hardware on board, of course).

The company noted that it prides itself on listening to customers, and wrote: “Your feedback has resulted in a wider range of accessories, better logistics options and an evolution from invites to pre-orders to Tuesday Open Sales. Now, we’re taking it one step further. Starting today, the One will be available without an invite. Forever.”

So there you have it – globally, the OnePlus One will be available to buy any day of the week, whenever anybody wants it.

The sequel phone, the OnePlus 2, was also mentioned – though this handset will initially stick to the invite-only sales model when it launches. However, the transition away from the invitation system should be far swifter this time around, the company observed.

OnePlus concluded its blog post on the matter: “Our invite system has been a fascinating, evolving experiment. Within the community, feelings towards our invite system vary, and we understand that. The reality is that we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. But, as always, we are listening. Your feedback significantly alters our trajectory, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep being loud, bold and honest; we’ll promise to do the same.”