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Samsung drops name from Galaxy S6 in Japan to boost sales

Samsung has removed its name from some of its flagship handsets in Japan, including the Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge and the Note Edge.

The South Korean firm has similarly rebranded some of its retail outlets as Galaxy Shops and removed the Samsung logo from a number of handsets.

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The re-brand has been ramped up since the launch of the S6 earlier this month, but has been noted since early March. Samsung’s Japanese website is also noticeably lacking any reference to the company name, aside from the web address itself. Even marketing materials for older handsets are without the Samsung name.

In an interview with International Business Times, Samsung claimed that the changes were simply a case of taking a different approach to marketing in different countries.

"As in the past, the design and specifications of a product can vary slightly depending on the market and the carriers," a spokesperson explained.

However, many are suggesting that the real reason for the dropping of the Samsung name is political tensions between Japan and South Korea. The diplomatic relationship between the two East Asian countries has been tense for some time and is responsible for Samsung having a much lower than expected market share in Japan.

Despite the South Korean company possessing a 25 per cent share of the global smartphone market, Samsung represents just five per cent of Japanese handsets, with Apple being the dominant manufacturer with 51 per cent.

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Considering Samsung is attempting to recover from a less than stellar 2014, it is hardly surprising that the firm is trying a new approach to boost sales of its Galaxy S6 handsets in markets with disappointing sales figures.