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UC Expo 2015: Traditional management failing modern businesses

Traditional management approaches have failed modern, agile businesses according to the opening keynote speech of this year’s UC Expo.

Marianne Calder, managing director of Cisco’s collaborations architecture sales in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, added that the way we work is changing and businesses must adapt if they are to avoid being left behind.

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In particular, Calder emphasised that collaboration is not enough – it must be implemented effectively in order for businesses to be successful. With individual employees selecting their own productivity tools and applications, organisations are in danger of creating “collaboration silos.”

In order to avoid this, businesses must have a comprehensive collaboration strategy, particularly as today’s digital economy demands more flexibility than ever before.

In the past, businesses were managed around individual tasks, long-term fixed teams and worked almost exclusively with their employees. Today, firms embrace agile, flexible teams from any part of the world and are open to working with employees, partners and customers.

One of the ways that Cisco is enabling businesses to provide a more integrated experience is through its collaboration app Spark. The service is hosted in the cloud and offers enterprise customers a Facebook-style user interface which combines multiple unified communication tools into a single offering.

Spark users can also set up a virtual room in which up to eight team members can securely send messages, share and view files, start multiparty voice and video calls, and share their screens.

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According to Calder, businesses can only thrive through team-based efficiency. Individual productivity has been taken to its limits, so companies need to have the network and collaboration infrastructure in place to enable greater agility.