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Time to say goodbye to YouTube on your old devices

YouTube will soon stop working on older devices and those that never get any updates.

Google decided to change its API for the video streaming app, thus forcing people to update their software, wherever possible.

Those who can't update their software (for example older smartTVs and such), they will simply have to buy a new device, if they want to watch YouTube.

Yesterday Google wrote a blog post on the YouTube blog, saying it's dumping the old Data API v2 in favour of the new Data API v3.

The new API offers better support for comments, captions and push notifications, it says: "With the recent additions of comments, captions, and RSS push notifications, the Data API v3 supports almost every feature scheduled to be migrated from the soon-to-be-turned-down Data API v2.“

The only remaining feature to be migrated is video flagging, which will launch in the coming days, Google adds.

Some of the affected devices are Google TV v3 and 4, as well as any Apple device running anything older than iOS 7.

Games consoles “without support for Adobe Flash or HTML5” and numerous Smart TVs and miscellaneous players that never get updated are also in trouble.

So what can you do? You can update your software to the latest version, and hope it does the job. If not, you might try getting to YouTube through your browser, in case it supports HTML5.

On iOS devices you’ll also be able to stream content via AirPlay.

For the next week or two, affected devices will display the video embedded below, while in early May all such devices will only display 410 Gone HTTP errors.

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