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IBM moves security intelligence technology to the cloud

IBM is to offer its security intelligence technology IBM QRadar as a cloud-based service, giving companies the ability quickly prioritise real threats and free up critical resources.

The new services are available to clients through a cloud-based SaaS model with optional IBM security managed services to provide deeper expertise and flexibility for security professionals.

Also offered is IBM Security Intelligence on Cloud which helps organisations determine if security-related events are simple anomalies or potential threats, while Intelligent Log Management on Cloud, which is designed to simplify security and compliance data collection and reporting needs.

Jason Corbin, vice president, product management and strategy at IBM Security, said: “Security leaders are telling us they want increased visibility through the cloud and control throughout their hybrid IT environments. The option of doing predictive analytics via the cloud gives security teams the flexibility to bring in skills, innovation and information on demand across all their security environments.”

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