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Tesco Broadband customers suffer major outage – but back online now

Tesco broadband users were hit by some serious downtime yesterday, but all has now apparently been sorted, at least going by the company’s Twitter feed.

The BBC reports that problems began at midday yesterday, with 10,000 of the supermarket’s 75,000 broadband users seeing their service drop across the country.

At around 15:00 yesterday, Tesco Broadband tweeted: “We are currently aware of an outage effecting multiple areas, we apologise for the inconvenience of this and aim to resolve the problem ASAP.”

And just after 17:00 yesterday, it followed up with: “Search for the issue is narrowing, will have a further update in 30mins. I’m online until this is fixed up.”

And an hour after that, the same member of staff (Dean) tweeted that the issue appeared to be solved: “We are seeing customers coming back online, waiting for more confirmation....#FingersCrossed.”

A number of customers then replied to that thread saying that their connection had indeed just come back online – so all was then well, by all accounts (or certainly should be by this morning).

However, as the Beeb notes, this is the tenth network outage to occur this month alone, so Tesco Broadband customers may feel their patience is starting to wear thin.

At the end of last year, Tesco rolled out free Wi-Fi across thousands of supermarkets in the UK and Ireland via a deal with BT.