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Apple Watch will be on shelves in some stores tomorrow

As you must surely be aware, the big day for the Apple Watch comes tomorrow, when the first truly new product for Cupertino since the iPad goes on sale – and yet all we’ve been hearing is that you won’t be able to queue up to get into an Apple Store, and go buy one tomorrow.

That’s because there simply isn’t any stock that hasn’t been reserved via pre-order – and indeed even online, long wait times are showing for the gadget, with June being the ship date for many models.

But, as the New York Times points out, it’s not actually true that you won’t be able to find an Apple Watch in a store come tomorrow – if you go to the right shop, that is. And we don’t mean Apple Stores, of course, but high-end fashion boutiques who have also been allowed to stock the device (and improve its fashion status symbol chops as a result).

So in the UK, if you’re in or near London, you can pop down to Dover Street Market and get yourself an Apple smartwatch – as the DSM website notes, the Apple Watch is “Launching April 24th at Dover Street Market London.”

Elsewhere around the world, Dover Street Market in Tokyo will also be stocking the device, along with other stores in Paris, Berlin, Milan, and Maxfield in Los Angeles. Yes, it’s a pretty limited selection of high-end fashion boutiques, with pretty limited numbers – DSM in London will have 570 units of stock, apparently, which won’t last that long. Still, you’ve got a chance of grabbing one if you get down there early enough…

There won’t be any gold versions present, though, for the real big spenders – apparently no stock of these has come through (which is surprising, as we’d have thought these outlets would definitely have secured some of the Watch Edition models).

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