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AppRiver announces latest web security offering

AppRiver has announced its latest version of SecureSurf, a multi-layered adaptive solution to defend against existing and emerging Web-based threats.

SecureSurf’s multi-layered cloud solution combines proactive features such as firewalls, intrusion detection, anomaly alerting, log analysis, malware forensics and virus intelligence data. Recently, only large companies could afford to implement and maintain comprehensive solutions, but SecureSurf delivers advanced Web security to businesses of all sizes.

“Unfortunately for online users today, it’s no longer a question of if you will encounter Web-based malware, but when,” explained Joel Smith, CTO, AppRiver. “By combining our own file, message, Web and network threat intelligence with industry data we are effectively identifying network threats and vulnerabilities in order to minimise the threat attack window, or the amount of time an adversary is in the network before they are discovered.”

Timely notification and information about cyber intrusion is critical for IT administrators, he adds. “As cyber-attacks increase in sophistication, many organisations react too late after an attack is underway.”

As a cloud service, SecureSurf can stand alone or work in tandem with AppRiver secure messaging products.

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