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Carphone Warehouse announces new UK network called iD

Carphone Warehouse has announced the launch of a new mobile network for the UK, which will kick off next month.

The network, known as iD, will be an MVNO that uses Three’s infrastructure to run its service, but will offer a number of enticing features to try and attract customers.

So what’s on the menu for iD customers? For starters, the lowest priced 4G plans going, Know Your Mobile reports, and also there’s a focus on 12 month contracts to give the customer more flexibility than the standard 24 month tariffs. 4G will be standard across all plans, by the way – even the year-long contracts.

Data roaming abroad will also be on offer, with plans to cover more European nations than any other network (more than Three itself, in fact), and iD also wants to deal with bill shock by offering a "standardised bill each month" will fully capped and controlled plans.

This is all good stuff, of course, and you can expect some tasty introductory offers in terms of the initial contracts.

In its FAQ, iD stated: “We’re the first mobile network built around what our customers actually want. We’re offering customers something new – a network that treats you like an individual, and gives you maximum control and flexibility without any fuss.”

iD said it has been chin-wagging with over three million customers during the last 18 months to hone its offering.

You can register your interest in the network by heading over to the website now – that will also allow iD to “share some amazing deals with you closer to the big launch date”.