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Facebook announces massive video viewership spike to challenge YouTube

Facebook is becoming a video giant – and YouTube should be worried by the social network’s progress when it comes to showing clips online.

That’s the latest news, given Facebook’s freshly revealed figures concerning video views.

Zuckerberg’s social network – which tweaked its algorithms to favour videos more heavily last year – is now up to a potent 4 billion video views every day, The Next Web reports. That’s a big increase in just a few months, as back in January, the social network reported it was showing 3 billion daily views. So Facebook is up 33 per cent in views over not much more than a quarter.

And that has to be a worrying statistic for YouTube. Google’s video service hit 4 billion daily views back in 2012, and has obviously moved up considerably from there since – but interestingly it took YouTube 8 months to make the leap from 3 to 4 billion, a feat Facebook has achieved in half the time.

Facebook revealed the new stats as the social network presented its First Quarter 2015 Financial Summary – and it also noted that three-quarters of those many video clips were viewed on mobile devices.

In the earnings report, Facebook announced that it hit total revenue for Q1 2015 of $3.54 billion (£2.36 billion), which was up 42 per cent year-on-year.

Monthly active users hit 1.44 billion at the end of March, which was up 13 per cent, and daily active users reached 936 million on average, up slightly more at 17 per cent. Mobile monthly users hit 1.25 billion, up a quarter on the previous year – so it’s no surprise to find out the high percentage of video clips which are viewed on mobile.

Going on board with Facebook to push your video content isn’t without risk, though, as The Next Web observes – the social network could easily mess with its algorithms, and as more video content is uploaded to Facebook, there’s a greater risk of your particular clips being lost in the masses.

In short, we don’t think the YouTube jockeys will be abandoning their established channels just yet… but all this is definitely food for thought.