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Hello: Facebook launches custom Android dialer

Facebook has launched a new Android dialer earlier today, called Hello. It blends a typical dialer app with Facebook’s social database, taking over 800 million active mobile users and connecting them with their phone numbers.

Hello is only available on Android due to the constraints with iOS, namely that Apple does not allow customisations to the dialer app. We are unlikely to see it on Windows Phone either.

The connecting between a Facebook user and his or her mobile number has not been tried before, but now when a user is called by an unknown phone number it will pull up information from Facebook - unless the user opts-out of the feature.

The information included in the caller ID includes names and a short bio. Once the call ends, website and contact information will be provided to both parties, for follow up messages.

Facebook has created a database of frequently blocked callers, which it will use to avoid cold calls on the dialer. When a caller is blocked on Hello, the call goes straight to answer machine, rather than telling the dialer they are blocked.

Businesses are now easier than ever to find with Facebook’s search function inside Hello, allowing users to type a few letters and find a range of businesses and professionals to contact instantly.

Since most businesses are on Facebook, it shouldn’t be a worry, and Facebook will utilise other search tools from Microsoft’s Bing search engine in-case a business hasn’t made a Facebook page.

It is available on the Google Play App Store today for free.