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GoodData is unlocking business intelligence

Where business intelligence is concerned it's often the case that companies don't lack data. However, they struggle to use the information they have in a way that offers meaningful insights.

San Francisco-based cloud analytics provider GoodData is releasing some new additions to its platform to break down the barriers of traditional business intelligence and improve self-service options without compromising the IT department's need for data governance and integrity.

"My goal when founding GoodData was to give everyone access to insights, creating a truly data-driven enterprise at which decisions occur quickly across every level of the business," says CEO Roman Stanek. "These new features accelerate time to insights by helping users work smarter through guided recommendations".

The additions are Data Explorer, a user-facing data exploration interface that allows business analysts to gain insights from new data sources in less time; Analytical Designer, a self-service data discovery tool that guides analysts to better insights using GoodData’s Collective Learning and recommendations; finally, Email and Group Sharing makes it easy to deliver insights to the right people across the organisation.


"The new capabilities GoodData is bringing to the table make producing insights far more straightforward for our organisation," says Chris Marin, senior principal, digital marketing platform and analytics at CSC. "The simple drag-and-drop Analytical Designer will support our data analysis on a daily basis".

More information about GoodData and how it can unlock the accumulation of a company’s experience, best practices, and millions of user interactions can be found on the company's website.

Image Credit: Peshkova / Shutterstock