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Microsoft goes bug-hunting with Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10052 for Lumia

If you own a Windows Phone, I feel sorry for you. Why? Microsoft is showing a lot of love to Android and iOS lately, while neglecting its own mobile operating system.

Hell, the company even seems to be embracing Apple Watch very strongly! True, Microsoft did release Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10051 for the phones, but it was only for certain devices, and worse than that, it is an absolute train wreck. While it is a fun look to the future, it isn't something to be used as a daily driver.

If you did choose to install Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10051 on your only smartphone, you may be regretting it. Before you move back to Windows Phone 8.1, you should try out the all-new Build 10052, which was released today. It is a bug-fix release that may solve your woes. Other than fixes, it appears to be a rather ho-hum affair.

"We're releasing Build 10052 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones to the Fast ring today. This build is a minor update from the 10051 build that we released 11 days ago with several of the top issues affecting Insiders fixed. There are no new features in this build, but it should be much more usable day to day with these improvements", says Gabe Aul, General Manager OSG Data and Fundamentals team, Microsoft.

Aul details some specific pain points for Lumia 520 by saying, "we received reports of failures on a small number of Lumia 520 devices from Windows Insiders at the end of last week when trying to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows Phone Reset Tool.

"We quickly paused build availability for these devices to investigate the issue. The issue causing these failures was the way in which the Windows Phone Reset Tool was re-flashing these devices. We've released an update to the Windows Phone Reset Tool that should get those impacted by the issue up and running. With this issue resolved, we’re resuming offering builds today for folks on Lumia 520 devices as well".

Gabe shares the following fixes found in Build 10052.

Flight mode can now be enabled. You can now disable data connections. We fixed the bug in which your phone’s MMS settings were lost after upgrading from Build 9941. We fixed the issue in which you couldn’t download keyboards for additional languages. We fixed the issue where the viewfinder in the Camera app gets composed incorrectly on some devices like the Lumia 1020.

Sadly, Lumia Icon owners are still left out, but quite frankly, with the Technical Preview in such a bad state, that is probably a gift rather than a curse.

With that said, if you are committed to Windows 10 on your Lumia, with no plans on moving back to 8.1, you should install Build 10052 as soon as possible. Squash those bugs, Lumia fans!

Photo Credit: PathDoc/Shutterstock