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Office 365 Video starts worldwide rollout

Back in November we told you about Office 365 Video, although at the time it was only available for First Release customers. The service, if you recall, brings video sharing to the enterprise, allowing customers to manage and post, as well as making it available across all devices - PC, tablet and phone. Microsoft also claims that it will be automatically optimised for each device.

Now the service is rolling out worldwide, so everyone can begin putting it to use for training videos, company messages and the like. Microsoft's Claire Tutill states that "Video is fast becoming one of the most powerful forms of communication, so this is a very exciting development for Office 365 users".

Both enterprises and schools are assured of a secure connection, or at least that's the claim. Tutill promises that it's "very easy to set the permissions for the home page leveraging the same Active Directory powering authentication in all areas of Office 365. This enables admins to manage permissions for each channel. Channels are easy to create and assign delegated owner(s) - or channel managers - who can then manage their own content and specific set of permissions".

The company also states that this is just the first of its "NextGen Portals" and that more will be on the way to help change how people collaborate and work.

Unsurprisingly, the service is being powered by Microsoft Azure and will also be leveraging Yammer, another company property. It makes uploading as simple as "drag-and-drop" and supports multiple file types.

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock