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Celebrate YouTube's 10th Anniversary with trip to the zoo

It was 10 years ago today that the first video was uploaded to YouTube, which has since become one of the most popular and widely used sites in the world.

That first video was titled 'Me at the Zoo,' uploaded by the then 25 year-old YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim and filmed at San Diego zoo (you can watch the video above).

Ten years later, the site has launched the careers of several celebrities including the likes of Justin Bieber and Psy, boasts around 800 million unique users a month and has 300 hours of new content uploaded every minute.

To celebrate this milestone various industry experts have offered their analysis.

Scott Davis, VP of customer experience at Peer 1 Hosting:

"Peer 1 Hosting was the first ever-hosting company YouTube used, all the way up until 2007, when their last server went off-line and moved over to Google's data centre as part of the USD $1.65 billion acquisition. During this time, YouTube literally exploded to become a vital part of most of the world’s consumption and expression of information.

"YouTube has done everything and more than it ever dreamed of. It has made stars out of finger-bighting children, become the source for consumer tech reviews and has won the Peabody award for promoting democracy. Apparently over 300 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

"Industries such as marketing, broadcasting, journalism, music publishing and politics all have been and continue to be transformed by this platform. Others have come after it but to date none of them come close to having the same impact as YouTube."

Gavin Mann, Accenture’s global broadcast industry lead:

“The posting of the first ever YouTube video 10 years ago sparked a revolution in video consumption. Today, consumption anytime, anywhere, has become the norm, and consumption of short-form video content on IP-connected devices keeps on growing.

"In fact, the number of hours YouTube’s billion-plus users spend watching content on the site is up 50 per cent year-on-year – and over half of all views are on mobile devices. Meanwhile Accenture research shows that viewership of long-form video content – like movies and television shows – is shifting from the TV to other digital devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

“Looking ahead, quality will become key as consumers view more content online. In our survey, 89 per cent of consumers watch long-form video on connected devices, yet significant numbers report issues with their viewing experience such as buffering or distortions during play. However respondents said they would be willing to pay for online video service if it included greater content variety, less advertising and better video quality.

"Traditional broadcasters have a real opportunity here as respondents indicated a preference for these providers over disruptive digital players when it comes to delivering quality content and support for video-over-the-internet services.

"But with consumers switching their allegiance from the TV to other devices, it’s the new market entrants like Netflix, Amazon and BlinkBox that stand to make gains. Their businesses have been built around platforms that can capture and capitalise on the rich consumer data flowing from IP-connected devices.

"Established brands need to act fast by aggressively investing in multi-device platforms, securing partnerships that leverage their footprint into the mobile space and building new capabilities to create a more intimate relationship with their audience.

"Understanding consumers and ensuring decision-making is centred on consumer insights will be increasingly key to success. This relentless focus on consumer optimisation will have an impact on all elements of a broadcaster’s business, from content decision-making to implementing converged operating models and exploiting the data advantage. The future leaders in media and entertainment will be those who listen to the audience and can tailor their content and services to this new reality."