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Acer launching gaming focused tablet later this year

Android tablets are not the most popular devices on the market, but Acer considers the gaming niche worth a shot. It has announced the Predator, in the vein of its PC gaming range, as a new 8-inch gaming tablet.

Most of the specifications are still under wraps, although it is likely running Nvidia’s new CPU that is dedicated to mobile gaming. We expect the 8-inch display to be at least full HD, although we could see a UHD display if Acer wants to push ahead of some of the other tablet options.

Acer is planning to launch the tablet in the fourth quarter, meaning it still has some time to pick its internals. If this is ramped up to compete with low-end PCs and consoles, we might have a component system on our hands.

Nvidia launched the Shield last year, a unique Android handheld device capable of running Steam games and broadcasting the video onto a larger display. It won over a few fans with its cheap price and mobility, although it still lacked the performance to play the high-end games.

Android gaming and mobile gaming in general are starting to show some life, moving away from the cash-cow greed we have seen from many developers in the past. Still, the performance is not available on mobile to offer experiences found on PC and console, forcing developers into new genres.

Hopefully this year we will start to see new improvements in the gaming area with GPU updates scheduled for the second half of 2015 from Qualcomm and Nvidia.