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Android caught taking the p*** on Google Maps

Android is peeing on Apple, or at least that’s what it suddenly showed on Google Maps near the city of Shahpur in Pakistan today.

The odd - and possibly satirical - image is still up as of the time of writing and is both viewable on the web and on mobile.

The image can be found at the coordinates of 33°30'52.5'N 73°03'33.2'E in standard view and is not viewable under the satellite view. Google often includes hidden features within maps, but the search giant has claimed that this image is not a hidden feature but one that has been added by a user through Google Map Maker.

Google has said that the image has been terminated and will be removed from Google Maps shortly.

One of the recent examples of Google’s hidden features was the Pac-Man game released by Google on April fool’s day. In contrast, the Map Maker is a feature that allows users to add and edit information on the map to improve the location’s accuracy.

However, edits under the Map Maker tool usualy involves changes to roads, streets and establishments, not drawings such as the Android logo.

Any edits made through Map Maker typically undergo a review before being made live but apparently this new image has been missed.