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LG G4 expected to be more pricey than Samsung Galaxy S6

LG has been dropping hints for the past month on the LG G4 and we will finally see it on 28 April, but rumour has it the price of the device will be higher than South Korean rival Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

The price of the LG G4 will be $825 in the US, meaning £650 to £675 for the smartphone in the UK. Compared to the Galaxy S6 going for £599 in most stores off-contract, it is a bit of a price gap.

Normally, LG is the one undercutting Samsung when it comes to price, but the electronics giant is apparently confident in the price increase. The LG G3 was one of the most popular smartphones last year, and bolstered LG’s global mobile sales with good numbers in Europe and South-East Asia.

Even though the LG G4 might come with a price incline compared to the Galaxy S6, it is still cheaper than the Galaxy S6 Edge, which costs an extra £50.

The LG G4 will feature a new range of design choices, either plastic or leather, similar to the Galaxy S5 cover. This didn’t work out too well for Samsung last year, reporting only 15 million Galaxy S5 sales throughout the year.

LG will also add a 5.5-inch UHD display, Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage to the LG G4. There has also been large promotion over the 16MP f/1.8 sensor, although we are still yet to see any images taken by the smartphone.