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New patent suggests Samsung is planning a Jawbone rival

A new patent awarded to Samsung by the U.S Patent & Trademark Office suggests that the smartphone maker may have a fitness tracker band on the way.

The patent, which is described as an 'ornamental design for a mobile communication device,' suggests a lightweight device that focuses on health and exercise tracking.

The sketch reveals that the band will be fastened by a clasp which is where the sensors or chips are suspected to be placed. The patented device also does not have a display, according to the sketch, which could mean that the upcoming tracker will be connected to a smartphone, most likely, through an accompanying app to show its data.

Apart from this information, the patent, which was applied to the patent office in March 2014, did not reveal any more information.

We’ve already seen a huge trend of smart fitness trackers from makers such as Jawbone anf Fitbit, which makes it not so surprising that a manufacturer such as Samsung has decided to join the party.

However, although the patent has now been revealed, it is still not certain as to when the wearable will be launched or if the concept will indeed turn into an actuality, given that we have also seen a number of patented wearables from Samsung in recent months such as the smartphone/smartwatch combo.