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Be careful, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen not covered by warranty

Have you ever considered getting a monthly insurance plan for your Galaxy S6 Edge? Well you should, because the smartphone's screen has no warranty cover, and if you break or damage the screen, you'll have to say goodbye to £130+ to get it fixed.

Korea Times reported on the issue, saying that the device's screen is not covered by warranty, that it can cost up to £170 to get it fixed, and that a Samsung representative confirmed it.

"It will depend on the condition of the damaged device“, Korea Times quoted the representative.

The issue here lies in the fact that these beautiful screens are very expensive to make, and companies have to subsidise them to keep the product cost down, and that’s why the screen is not covered.

Many authorised Samsung repairers have been quoted as saying that, "the (screen) part itself can't be bought even from off-brand suppliers for anything less than $170 (£112), plus it doesn't include labour costs."

But it’s not just the expensiveness of the repair that’s the issue here. Venture Beat says there’s also the problem of who can repair the Edge’s screen.

As we know, the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone has a screen which is curved on both sides, while most devices have a flat display. This is an aggravating circumstance which only makes things harder, and according to Venture Beat, “it is hard to find anybody other than Samsung who can replace a broken Edge screen”.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Edge got the worst possible score at Square Trade’s recent break tests results.

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