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Samsung’s next Gear smartwatch will have a round face

It’s the Apple Watch launch today, so of course, that means it’s up to smartwatch rivals to get some news out there to steal Cupertino’s thunder – and indeed Samsung has obliged in this respect by publishing a teaser for its next Gear smartwatch.

Pocket Lint spotted that Samsung has announced the launch of a fresh SDK for the next-gen Gear on its developer website, but also on the site the company put up a single tagline – “Get ready for the next Gear” – complete with an image of the top of a round watch face underneath.

So it would seem that the next-gen Gear smartwatch will be of the round traditional variety, as opposed to a square watch, and will also likely carry the Tizen OS still (most other rival smartwatches are, of course, built on Android Wear).

The site offers devs the chance to sign up for early access to the SDK for the next Samsung Gear, which is the first time this has ever happened (normally the SDK isn’t released to third-party developers until after the product has been unveiled).

If your application for early access is successful, Samsung will notify you via email at a later date.

JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile at Samsung, commented: “Samsung has actively adapted its approach to wearable device development as the leader of the rapidly developing category. Through meaningful and progressive innovation, Samsung welcomes developers and industry leaders to join this open collaboration effort to enrich and create unique user experiences for a new smart mobile life.”