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New Apple Watch app could revolutionise enterprise security

Everyone, it seems, is jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon with new apps, but one of the more interesting developments comes from enterprise security specialist MicroStrategy.

It's launched a version of its Usher platform allowing the Apple Watch to be used as a secure digital key, enabling wearers to log into business systems, unlock devices, validate personal identity, and open physical doors with a simple gesture or tap.

"Apple Watch is the ideal platform to replace the password, plastic card, and metal key," says Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

"By integrating Apple Watch, iPhone, and Touch ID with enterprise applications, resources, and business processes, Usher for Apple Watch brings a new level of convenience, capability, safety, and security to the marketplace".

The Usher platform allowing smartphones to be used as a security key was released earlier this year. By using a number of Apple Watch features, including Glances, Notifications, and Force Touch, this latest version of Usher seamlessly enables the new device to be used for a broad range of business security applications.

The app is designed to detect a wide range of systems, hardware and physical entryways as users approach. Users also receive push notifications on their watch prompting them to unlock their workstation, log into a system, or open a doorway with a simple tap or gesture on the device.

More information about Usher for Apple Watch is available on the MicroStrategy website.