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Apple preparing another huge quarterly earnings report

Apple is planning another huge earnings report for the last quarter, following its massive 74 million iPhone sales in the first quarter breaking a new record for the company and re-establishing Apple’s place as the number one phone vendor.

Numbers this quarter will be a little less impressive, but still higher than the previous year. Bloomberg is predicting 58 million iPhone sales, a 33 per cent increase on Q2 2014.

The average price of the iPhone will be much higher than last year, due to no iPhone 5C and a new iPhone 6 Plus, adding an extra £100 to the price-tag.

Most analysts thought it would be the end of Apple’s iPhone growth in 2014 with poor results, but the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have reinvigorated the growth spurt with China playing a large role.

Apple took first place in the Chinese market for smartphone vendors, beating local favorites Xiaomi and Huawei. It also showed promise in Europe, increasing share by three to 15 per cent in each European country in Q1 2015.

There is still worry that Apple will announce poor iPad sales in the earnings report, with analysts giving numbers between 12 and 14 million units sold. That would be a 13 per cent decrease year-on-year, and five straight quarters of decline in revenue.

The iPad has not been heavily modified since the launch if the iPad Mini and Air, although the Air was not a major update. The iPad Pro - coming later this year - might be the revamp necessary to take Apple out of the decline.

Mac sales are expected to be up to five million this quarter, showing excellent progress in Apple’s oldest product category. We might also get our first look at Apple Watch sales, expected to be well over two million by now.

Apple might also update its $130 billion (£85 billion) cash to shareholders program, which may include share buyback or dividend payments to shareholders. It follows reports Apple has $155 billion (£102 billion) in spare cash, which it could use towards major acquisitions or investor buyback opportunities.