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Cupertino bans “fart apps” from its sophisticated Apple Watch

Apple has a long history of frowning on toilet humour when it comes to apps, and it seems the story is no different with the company’s freshly launched smartwatch, which emerged at the end of last week.

The dinky Apple Watch could work really well to remotely trigger fart noises on a concealed iPhone when someone sits down, Whoopee Cushion style, but it seems Cupertino isn’t going to let this happen.

Cult of Mac brings news that the Fart Watch app, which offered just such a service, has been rejected from the App Store.

At the weekend, the developers tweeted: “Folks, the news is breaking. http://Fart.Watch was denied by Apple.”

Apple told the developer that duplicate apps may be rejected, “particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight”, but then further explained that actually this reason was redundant, because there aren’t “many” fart apps on the smartwatch, due to one simple rule Cupertino concluded its statement with: “We noticed that your Apple Watch app is primarily a fart app. We do not accept fart apps on Apple Watch.”

So there you have it. Perhaps the Apple Watch is simply too sophisticated and fashionable to have anything to do with farts (particularly the Watch Edition, of course, which would be the world’s most expensive virtual Whoopee Cushion if it was used in such a manner).

The app’s FAQ described the software as: “Featuring a full suite of customisable options, the Fart Watch app will revolutionise fart sound delivery in a beautifully designed and intuitive interface … We've packed dozens of high-quality, lossless fart sounds into one tiny device!”

Unfortunately, it seems all these lossless fart sounds have been lost to the world after all…

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